All paint correction packages include:

Hand wash and dry using non-marring techniques
Degrease wheels and tires and clean wheels of built up brake dust
Deluxe gel tire dressing
Clean all outer glass and mirrors
Clean door jambs
Clean and shine wheel wells
Claying process to remove any embedded contaminants in the paint
​Single-stage machine polishing or multi-stage machine compounding and polishing
Wax and seal paint​using Opti-Seal ​for long-lasting protection

Additional services can be added to your liking

​Paint correction packages start at $250​.  Because every vehicle's needs are different, a consultation is needed for each vehicle to determine the level of paint correction needed.  To receive your free quote, please call or give us a visit

Remember how beautiful your vehicle's paint job looked when it came off the showroom floor?  For a lot of people, that depth and gloss of the paint is what drew them into the car when they first saw it.  The paint ion a vehicle is what grabs most people's attention.  Whether your car's paint it looking quite dull and is covered in swirls and slight scratches, or your car still has some shine but you want it back to the beauty of new, paint correction can give you that dramatic transformation that you have been looking for.

​Starting with single-stage correction, your car's paint can be removed of 50% of swirls, haze, and light defects by a single-stage machine polishing.

​Multi-stage paint correction is also available, and will significantly improve your vehicle's finish.  Using multiple stages of machine compounding and polishing, virtually all swirls, and all but the heaviest of scratches and defects are removed.  Most cars are removed of 80-95% of defects using multi-stage polishing, getting you extremely close to the look of a brand new vehicle!

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​Paint Correction