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Repair Service

​Cars and their components can't last forever.  For most people, getting repairs done to their vehicle is an expensive and time consuming hassle.  Here at CARS, we strive to give the customer the best experience possible, making you, your car, and your wallet happy.  Whether it's a major component that has broken, or you are looking to keep your vehicle running as long as possible, we've got you covered in all of the most important areas:


Brake Systems

Cooling Systems



Electrical Systems and Components

Engine and Components

Heating and Air Conditioning




​And Much More!


Preventative Maintenance

For every vehicle that comes in to get repair work done, we thoroughly check over the entire vehicle to ensure your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.  In this comprehensive check list, visual, under hood, and under car checks are used to ensure the proper condition of your vehicle's major components, such as:


Lights (brake, tail, turn signals, etc.)

Wiper Blades

Windshield, Windows, Mirrors

Engine & Transmission Fluid

Hoses & Clamps

Battery, Terminals, and Cables

Steering and Suspension Components

Brake Components

Axle Shafts & Boots

Struts & Shocks

Rear Differential

And Much More!

Tire Service

Although they are easy to overlook, your vehicle's tires are extremely important when it comes to safety by helping you make emergency maneuvers, and keeping traction in adverse conditions.  If anything does happen to your tires, we can help you with a number of services, including:

​Tire Replacement

​Mounting and Balancing

​Plugging or Patching

​Tire rotation

​Proper Inflation​​

Above all else, we care for the safety the most.  This is why we check every vehicle's tires for proper inflation and signs of wear to help prevent flat tires or bad blowouts like what happened to this tire: